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Energy is an essential part of the business it cannot survive without

As it’s such a core element, it’s in your best interests to get the most cost-efficient plan possible, but could something be holding you back? Why not speak to a Business Energy Consultant!
Research shows that preconceived beliefs and ideas about energy suppliers or saving money could mean businesses are missing out on money-saving opportunities.
Could this be you? Many businesses are still overspending on their energy bills, initiatives such as Smart Meters helping save as much as 1.4 billion by the year 2030. With a comprehensive assessment of their premises and consumption by a specialist consultant, business owners can quickly find out about areas of overspend.
Here are some common misbeliefs you may have that could be stopping you from saving money:

Some suppliers can’t give me enough energy to run my business

Businesses with commercial sites have a greater need for electricity and gas in different parts of their business. Many business owners rely on large energy providers believing they can best serve their business because they provide high amounts of energy. This is not the case. The amount of energy and reliability of supply doesn’t vary between providers, which means you could be benefiting from saving by going with one of those lesser-known providers you wouldn’t normally consider.

Price comparison websites find the best deals

In a report from the Competition and Markets Authority, it was highlighted that not all of the best energy offers are available through price comparison sites and that there is still room for improvement when enticing customers. This shows that not all of the best deals are available on these sites. What many business owners don’t know is that Business Energy Consultants can help you secure some competitive deals you won’t find through a comparison site.
Where many business owners don’t have the time to pick up the phone, a good business energy consultant can save you time by doing the background work for you.

My power will go off while I’m switching supplier

Over recent years, the switching process has been made so simple that your account can be changed over with no disruptions. This can happen in a matter of weeks or even days. Your power will not be affected and your business can run as normal while your switch is taking place.

A business energy consultant won’t help me much

Have you heard of business energy consultants? Do you know what they can do to help you save money and pay for the energy you actually need? For many businesses, the idea of business energy consultants is new, and little is known about what they do. But, whether you have a large-scale site or smaller premises, a consultant can provide a detailed assessment of your site, advising on exactly how they can save you money on your bill.

An energy assessment is too complicated

It may sound complex, but it’s a straightforward process. A business energy consultant will look at your past and current bills to analyse your business’ energy use. They will look at its consumption, compared to what you have in your current contract.
They will also explore your site and look at where you need power and the amount you need for each point. They’ll assess what has been used over a period, compared to what you’re paying. If the average use is less than what you’re paying, that’s where the money-saving comes in.
Assessments are straightforward and easy to follow. All you have to do is make an appointment for your consultant to come round and they’ll do all the running around for you.

If I leave the supplier, my energy supply will be disrupted

Suppliers understand the need for businesses to keep running and the impact that any type of disruption can have on their functions and their customers. That’s why many businesses switch successfully without any disruptions to their network supply. And your business can do the same, too. Every supplier has access to the same pipework, wires, and connections, making it easy for your business to continue as normal.

I can’t switch until my contract runs out

Your contract can’t stop you from shopping around and looking at other deals.
While there are some suppliers that will charge a fee if you cancel early, there are also many that don’t. This means that you can leave a contract early and switch straight away. A business energy consultant will have great advice for businesses wanting to find a better contract. There are times when your supplier can offer even more competitive rates to encourage you to stay with them, but check with your consultant before deciding.

Some suppliers have a less reliable energy source

Another that simply isn’t the case. In a report about the energy market by Ofgem, more business customers are satisfied with high reliability; suppliers have around 99.9% reliability levels in terms of energy supply. Every supplier has the same access to electricity and gas to suit the needs of its customers.
Could an energy consultant help you with your business? It’s easy to take the first step by booking an appointment. Considering greener energy sources? There are plenty of options for this too.


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