Concise Energy

Bespoke Energy Contracts

We specialise in making sure the Energy Contract is correct for your business type by way of both
the energy contract term and the contract type with a Fixed, Flexible, or Green Energy Contract.

Gas - Electric - Water

Here at Concise Energy, we know how important it is to have the right energy contracts in place for both the business customer and the energy supplier whether it is for Gas Electricity or Water.A major bonus for clients with a number of different offices/stores etc is the multisite single unit rates we can negotiate on your behalf, it may even be possible to negotiate a tailored contract that will allow additional sites to be added within for the duration of the contract keeping the same fixed unit rate as you started with.

Even if you are currently in a contract with another supplier we can arrange new energy contracts to take over as far as 3 years out for electricity and 5 years for gas. We can also align contract ends dates so you have one end date for all of your supplies which means if you have different existing contract end dates you could miss an end date(s) and be put onto very expensive out of contract rates with little or no notice!With the alignment of contract end dates, it does not matter how short or long your existing contract is for we can still align the end dates to suit.

Business Energy Solutions

Bespoke Energy Contracts

Any energy contract can be bespoke and tailored to meet your business requirements and can have the option of fixed unit rates for the contract term or unit rates to reflect the everyday Energy Market pricing system.

With fixed unit rates, it makes for better business budget forecasts and projections giving your business a more focused view on term spend.

You have an additional option of fixing just the commodity costs and leaving the non-commodity costs flexible. Therefore we are able to offer you bespoke billing for your business electricity, business gas billing is based on a somewhat simpler system whilst still being able to be tailored to meet your requirements