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What is a Business Energy Consultant and why should you use one? Simply, we take the stress and legwork out of procuring the best electric, gas, and water rates for your business, amongst the many other services we offer all with the sole purpose of saving you valuable time and money. Whether you are moving to new premises or have been there a while, we can show you where you might be throwing money away, through not having the right contract, not being on the right tariff, or having inefficient electrical equipment, to name but a few. We will come up with ideas that you would not have thought of. We can help with as much or as little as you want, and give you a Consultant Personal Account Manager UK.


Commercial energy consultants – Should you choose to use us, what can you expect – what are some of the services that we offer? Firstly, we make sure that your business has the correct energy contract and term. This involves working out your forecasted usage as well as actual consumption. We can also look at your electrical equipment – computers, lighting, fridge-freezers, etc, to assess how they are used and how efficient they are, and inform you of what action you could take to reduce your consumption and save money. We offer a full project management service that covers every aspect of new service installations, upgrades, downgrades, and metering of electric, gas, and water.


We also offer a full Business Water Service which deals with the process from start to finish, from supplying, planning, and design installation, to account setup. And we make sure that you are being billed correctly by your existing water supplier, as any errors here can result in you overpaying by hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month.


When your business relocates, you are automatically put on “deemed rates” which are much higher than normal contract rates, and you may not even realise this until your first energy bill arrives. Also, we deal with all types of “bad billing”, both current and historic, which can occur after you have left a supplier, or perhaps you have a large portfolio of sites and you receive bills for meters that are not owned by you and never have been – there are many more examples.


At Concise Energy brokers, we take the confusion and difficulty out of the business energy market and provide an unbeatable service and price with the sole purpose of saving your company and you the customer, time, and money, so please contact us today?

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