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Could your site do with an energy makeover? Are your business energy contracts costing too much? If they are, it could be time to get an audit done at your business site! With the UK government’s plans to achieve carbon zero by 2050, industry and large-scale businesses are feeling the heat to reduce emissions.

Choosing a consultant to get the ball rolling with an audit can help.

The term ‘audit’ or ‘assessment’ may raise a few yawns, but it’s needed if you want to save money. Besides, there are some great reasons to get an audit done, including saving money on your business energy.

Whether you run a factory, industrial site or commercial business, an audit can get things moving in the right direction.


What’s more, the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) has set aside £315 million to help heavy industry businesses cut their bills and carbon emissions by investing in being more energy-efficient.

This is to help cut their bills and carbon emissions by investing in efficiency measures. The idea behind this is simple and will make a massive difference to the energy and resources used to run sites.

Overall, the government believes this will reduce industrial emissions by around 2 million tonnes between 2028 and 2032.

Sound good?

An energy audit is the first step towards this. Here’s a guide to what it’s all about:


In reality, an audit simply means walking around your site to see where you use energy and how much is used. It details the equipment and devices you use it for – and when they’re used.

The audit will monitor these ‘peak’ times during the working day. These will be observed and compared over a typical week.

Getting your audit done with an energy consultant means you’ll get a more detailed breakdown of energy use on your site.

This will be done with a mix of talks and observations. You’ll also get a comparison and analysis of how your business uses energy.


Industry emissions account for around 20% of the UK’s carbon emissions, according to The Carbon Trust. An audit plays a key part in cutting down on this.

It can help you identify areas of your site where too much business energy is being used, or even wasted. This could be from an old piece of equipment or a pipe leak you didn’t know about. Importantly, it can help you save money on your gas and electric bills long-term.

An audit can identify where you can make your business run as efficiently on less energy. With a good audit, you can see if your business energy contracts are working and explore other options.

You could be in need of some essential works that will make a big difference to saving money in the long run.


Absolutely. There’s no reason why you can’t carry out a basic audit of your site by taking a walk around and making observations. It’s a useful way of looking at the energy outlets you have, what they’re used for, and how often during the working day. It’s also good practice to know what energy is available onsite.

However, by choosing an energy consultant to take on your audit, you’ll get more detailed results and information. After this, you can start to put your observations into practical steps you can take and plan for work to be done onsite.


Over a certain period of time, a consultant will monitor your team’s energy use. This will usually be over a week or a month and will show how much energy is used at different times. This will also include the number of sockets you have and the power needed at each one. Then your consultant will put the results into a report.

Types of equipment and technology you might be using could include lighting, machinery, your heating system, cleaning equipment and electrical devices.

A specialist can provide a comprehensive audit to find out where your business could be more energy-efficient. It will break down every part of your site to analyse the energy used. Some aspects may even surprise you.

The audit could also suggest a cleaner energy source, a more energy-efficient tool or a different way of working to help you save energy. Concise Energy can help your business reduce its energy usage by checking your network energy capacity and prospecting for better deals.


Once the audit is complete, your consultant will put together a comprehensive report.

They’ll go through it with you and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you want. Your consultant can recommend the work that’ll make the biggest difference to your energy bill. This may also include changing your business energy contracts to get a better rate.

Your consultant can advise on aspects such as:

  • Changing over your gas meters
  • Acting on your behalf to find a better rate on your gas or electric
  • Replacing old pieces of equipment
  • Upgrading your technology
  • Identifying problem spots, such as leaks

Depending on what you need, your energy consultant will work closely with you to develop a tailored plan. They can then coordinate the works on your behalf.


An energy audit is a great way of finding where your business can state saving money on its energy. It’s just the first part of helping your business save money on its energy. All you have to do is arrange a time for your consultant to meet you and take it from there.

So, what are you waiting for? Concise Energy’s specialist team will be pleased to help you find more cost-effective business energy contracts.

To find out more or book an energy audit, contact Concise Energy on 0800 195 7831.

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