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Business Energy-Saving Gadgets to Use In Your Business – Ask your Energy Consultant…..

When it comes to business, it’s always helpful to save money wherever possible. As a big commercial business, it’s often easy simply to pay your energy bill without looking at the breakdown. But by doing this, you could be spending too much without realising.

There’s been a big increase in businesses taking steps to cut down on their carbon footprint, find out how to reduce their energy usage, and save money on bills. With the government’s goal of decreasing carbon by 80% by the year 2050, it’s up to everyone to do what they can to make a difference. Along with this, there has been a surge in businesses investing in devices and eco-friendly technology to help them save the environment. This is to cut down on their carbon footprint – and save money on electricity and gas. An energy consultant can also help you decide which technology and tools would most benefit your business. They can help you figure this out after looking at your business premises and what energy you need for the equipment you use.

By investing in the right energy-saving devices, not only will you be helping to save energy and do your part for the environment, but you’ll save money, too. But which gadgets are actually going to save your business money, as well as help the environment?

Here’s a guide to some of the energy-savers hot on the market right now:



These nifty devices are becoming more popular with businesses because they’re proving to greatly reduce energy usage.

That’s because they use the air to get heat and push it through a liquid inside that expands the heat. According to the Energy Saving Trust, heat pumps can even get heat from the air when the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius!

These are proven to generate much more heat than conventional heaters. They also last a long time.


Gadgets can only get smarter. How good would it be to control your business site’s heating from the comfort of your home? You might have heard of remote control apps that control your home; well, a smart heating system can do the same for your office.

If you have large commercial premises or multiple sites, it could be worth investing in a complete heating system that works automatically with your business’ running times.

More energy during peak times when more staff are on-site and there’s more activity; less energy during the quiet times. Smart thermostats enable you to set the times according to the seasons or temperature outside. Very convenient and easy to use.


The sun is one of the earth’s greatest natural sources of energy, so it makes sense to get the most out of it.

Of course, not every business may have the means to invest in solar panels, but what about turning to a portable solar charger to power up your electric business equipment instead?

Keeping it out in the sun all day will give it enough power to charge up your phone, laptop – almost any piece of equipment you use in the office. The portability of the chargers means you can easily set them up anywhere on site.

Chargers come in all sorts of sizes and outputs and will of course vary how long they take to power certain devices. Getting some guidance on the sizes you’ll need for different equipment you use in your business can be offered by an energy consultant.

If you’re sceptical about how much a solar charger can really power up your phone, this is the time to change your mind.


Did you know there’s a way of capturing the heat lost behind your radiators with a  simple gadget containing fans, placed on top of your radiator?

This little invention is called a radiator booster. Not many people have heard of them, but essentially, it’s a tube or rectangular item that brings the heat escaping round the backs of your radiators and pummels it back into the office.

No more lost heat.

It’s said that a booster can increase the room temperature by at least 3 degrees and save more than £100 a year on your annual energy bill.


Energy-saving light bulbs are good, but LED lights to go that little bit further, using less than 80% of traditional light bulbs – and last much longer!

LED lights, which can be used in most places in your business site, light up at 80-100

lumens per watt, which makes them light up almost as much as regular light bulbs, on a

much lower energy supply. Although they can cost slightly more in the first instance, they

last much longer which makes it worth it in the long-run.

It has been said that LED lights are the lighting of the future for the low energy they use and, over time, the price of them will start to drop as they become more commonly used by businesses and consumers.


Ever forget to turn off your laptop or printer after leaving the office? Or you know how you forget to take your phone out once it’s fully charged? It still sucks energy through the socket, even though the battery is full, which quickly causes the battery to wear down and ramp up your energy bill.

The smart strips stop all that because they recognise when the battery of any device is full and automatically turns the power off.

These are clever devices because they can also control your energy supply throughout the day. They can adapt the level of supply, depending on how much electricity is needed.

Each power strip varies in size. For your business, it’s best to invest in one for multiples devices, as well as a transformer plug.

Want to take the next step to see how you can save even more money on your business’ energy? Relax. It’s in our interest as your energy consultant to do all the work to help you get your business running with greater energy efficiency. Plus, making your bills more cost-effective.

Contact us to see how easy it is! We use our expertise to assist businesses with saving on their energy and we can help you do the same.

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