Business Energy Services

Business Energy Solutions

Our energy services team has the experience and knowhow to help you achieve attainable targets and will help you discover how to use less energy; this can be in conjunction with steps you are already looking at to make savings.

Energy Procurement is such an important factor for every aspect of business use whether you are a large or small operation.

There is an obvious financial benefit to be had for your business by procuring the correct energy contract and term and unless your business is fully aware of its forecasted usage and actual consumption you will be absorbing unnecessary costs reducing your bottom-line profit.

Concise Energy obtains Energy Procurement with several ways to help reduce your business energy utility bill and consumption by acting smart.

Energy Monitoring & Energy Advice

Understanding the reasons why your electrical equipment may be currently used inefficiently and how making the required changes to save you money need not be that difficult or require a huge outlay and is something we do on a daily basis.

Energy audits are the first step to achieving your energy savings targets, thus discovering the areas where the savings can be implemented.

Simply installing Smart Meters for both gas and electricity to ensure that your consumption and billing is correct is something that has been offered by energy suppliers for some time; it will of course cut down the chances of you being over or under billed but alone will not save you money.

We can monitor your energy consumption by looking at your existing electrical equipment and loads and assess how it is used and what action could be taken to reduce your consumption.

There are other simple ways to help reduce electrical equipment usage such as efficiency audits on your lighting, computers, chillers/fridges and freezers as well as office equipment and electrical equipment in general thus making substantial saving for your business.

There are also Energy Procurement devices for your gas usage to save consumption.

Energy audits are the first step to achieving your energy savings targets, thus discovering the areas where the savings can be implemented.

So, we at Concise Energy can have these audits carried out to first assess where and what can be achieved to save consumption.

Following any audit carried out we can then advise what type of equipment or good housekeeping can be carried out to make these savings.

Generate Your Own Electricity

Ever thought about generating your own renewable electric! we can assist you with this, helping you to decide which technology is best for your company.

Smart Business Solutions

There are also opportunities to generate your own electricity to sell back to the supplier.

Energy Solutions – Some of the choices include solar panels – renewable power plant – biomass boilers – air & ground source heat pumps photovoltaic (PV) or use a combination of technologies.

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