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With the lockdown in place, there have been some major changes to the UK’s energy industry, from the way it’s sourced through to pricing and deals. For businesses, it’s meant cuts in heating and lighting use, due to many unable to open with staff working from home.

Easing out of lockdown, it’s shown just what can be done to cut down on the effects of global warming, as well as ensure businesses use renewable energy.

So, what changes have happened through the lockdown?

Here’s a guide to some of the key changes the lockdown has meant for the energy industry:

Two months of being coal-free

For the longest time since the 1880s, the UK didn’t generate any coal-based energy for two months during the lockdown, according to National Grid.

A milestone was achieved with the first coal-free month. Then with lockdown extended, a second month without burning coal was achieved.
What does this mean? The UK has the potential to go on to achieve more milestones like this and work towards being completely coal-free for the long-term. Not only in the future but right now. Resulting in reaching the sustainability goals of being carbon-free.

Record-Breaking Use of Renewable Energy

To power up businesses and homes, renewable energy broke a record when it generated 47% of the UK’s energy.
Sources included wind, water, and solar power. With the goal to boost renewable energy to power all the UK’s energy needs, this is a huge step towards it. It puts the UK on track to achieving climate change milestones and stepping towards being carbon-free.

Concise Energy offers advice around helping your business use renewable energy and making the switch over to this.

Pushing Forward Climate Change Improvements

Rapid improvements to global warming and air quality have proven just how much the climate crisis can be improved with faster action. The Committee on Climate Change has recommended a number of urgent actions to zoom ahead with addressing this. This includes strengthening energy supplier networks and increasing tree planting. They’ve also asked faster broadband to become available to enable remote working.

Cleaner Air and Healthier People

With fewer people traveling, emission levels have fallen, which has left the air generally much cleaner. This includes levels of Nitrogen Dioxide, proven to be harmful to health.

This has helped people with longer-term chest or breathing conditions, such as Asthma.

What does this mean for energy? Changes to the way energy is generated and delivered are set to happen to contribute to these numbers.

Lower demand for diesel, oil, and petrol

With nobody traveling by train, car, or bus, this has taken its toll on the demand for fuel. This has meant a price drop in both wholesale and retail prices of petrol and diesel for consumers and businesses. Likewise, there was a lower need for oil, which has impacted gas contracts and the types of deals available.

Want a Better Energy Deal?

Considering changing over your business energy deal? Wondering about renewable energy? The energy industry is changing and there are opportunities to get a better deal. You could also switch to renewable sources. Why not find out more?

Concise Energy provides free guidance and can audit your business site to look at where you could save money. Call or contact us here to get a free consultation.

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