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Christmas is a time of lights, staff get-togethers and parties – and hopefully some well-deserved time off work. With darker nights and celebrations, it’s also a time of year when energy costs tend to rocket more than others. And that’s why it’s important to be extra aware of your spending.

So, how can you keep the costs of your business energy down? Here are some tips to help you think about how your business gas and electric might be costing you more – and what you can do to keep bills down:


Your site may have a staff cafe, vending machines, or other means for staff to get refreshments while on shift. A single vending machine can cost around £120 a year to run, which can add up if you have multiple machines over various parts of your site. Making sure these are unplugged when there is fewer staff on duty can help cut down on your business electricity. Even if your site doesn’t have these facilities, there are still ways to cut down on power.

If staff are away over the holiday break, you can cut down by unplugging kettles, microwaves, and other facilities over the festive period. Just being plugged in can still cost money. 


Before going away for the holiday break, take a walk-around of your site with a colleague and make sure there isn’t any equipment left on standby or plugged in. Just taking some devices out of their sockets for a few days will make a difference and cut down on wasted energy. Often, computers and printers get left on standby in offices that staff forget about. What’s more, a consultant has expertise in understanding how large commercial premises work in terms of their energy use and can help you provide effective business energy solutions. There may even be more efficient pieces of office technology that would benefit your business and help you save.


Did you consider how you can save on water? As heating pipes cool down, there is a chance a pipe could burst from the cold weather, which could be serious. You can avoid this happening by getting a frost protection system in your central heating system. This will save you money in the long-term, rather than paying for a plumber to fix burst pipes. How can you find out more? By speaking to an expert energy consultant about the best types of frost protection systems on the market and how to secure one.


If you want to create a magical atmosphere at work for your team, the cost of running Christmas lights vary. The most cost-effective way of doing this is to use LED fairy lights. They cost an average of 90p to run over a typical month. This is compared to more than £8.00 to run other types of lights. Also, get a timer that’s set to switch on and off your lights at certain times.


The cost of heating your business site or commercial premises can account for a hefty chunk of your business energy bill, so this is a simple action to take. With less staff, you can heat fewer areas of your site. Turning down the thermostat by just 1 or 2 degrees can make a big impact on your bill, too. Consider doing this throughout the year as well as at Christmas. There are some advanced technological business energy solutions for businesses that a consultant can tell you more about.


Taps with a semi-regular drip can be a hidden culprit for pushing up the cost of a bill. Check for dripping taps and get these fixed before you go away. Could a different water management system help? A specialist consultant can assist with coming up with an alternative business energy solution. This could be through the design and implementation of a water system on your site that may work more efficiently.

Changing your practices and encouraging good energy-saving habits among your team means you can celebrate the holiday, keep your business running and reduce your bills.

What’s on your Christmas wish-list to help you save money on your energy? It may not be top of your list, but it’s important to bear it in mind.

Part of this is because it’s expected that oil prices will go up in the new year and that electric and gas prices will, too. You can find out about changing your contract and making an appointment with a business energy consultant can help. They can survey your site and identify areas of saving money or introducing energy-saving measures. So, it could be a worthwhile move. Do you think your equipment could be working more efficiently on less energy? Get in touch to see how Concise Energy and get help to procure a tailored energy contract that meets your business’ needs.

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