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Complaints Handling Procedure

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Our professional approach:

We aim for high standards of customer service and complaints will be handled quickly, effectively, fairly, and confidentially. You will at all times be treaded with courtesy and respect.

In the cases of disputes, we will keep you informed about progress. Please find below a detailed outline of our complaints handling procedure.

Complaints can be submitted either by e-mailing or calling 0800 861 1478

Complaints Procedure

1. When a complaint is received, the customer should be acknowledged within 2 working days that we have received their complaint and that we will respond to them within 7 working days, if their concern cannot be dealt with in full in this initial response.

2. If the complaint is concerning a third party (i.e: an energy supplier) the party concerned are emailed with the concern to be investigated. Once a response from the third party is received then the customer should be informed in a comprehensive reply of the response and outcome of the investigation and advised of any action that has been requested by the third party in order to resolve the concern. If the third party takes longer than our stated 7 working days to respond, we need to update the customer of the situation as well as chasing the third party for a response.

3. If the complaint concerns Concise Energy Brokers Ltd then again the customer should be acknowledged within 2 working days and advised that their complaint will be fully investigated and a response will be given within 7 working days, if it can be resolved fully on the initial contact.

4. If it can not be resolved in the first instance then the details of the complaint should be circulated to the persons concerned for in-depth investigation and a response should be returned to the person dealing with the complaint within 48 hrs if possible.

5. A comprehensive response should then be forwarded to the customer, advising of any further actions that should be taken if applicable within 7 working days of the original contact.

6. Complaints made via Ofgem will be subject to the process outlined above. However, a copy of all correspondence will be made available to Ofgem during the complaints procedure.

7. Records of all complaints either against the supplier or Concise Energy Brokers Ltd will be be kept including relevant dates etc.

8. If we are unable to resolve your complaint to us about Concise Energy Brokers Ltd we will clearly inform you of your right to escalate your complaint to the Ombudsman Services if we fail to resolve the complaint or if its been unresolved for more than eight weeks or more. (The Ombudsman Services are an impartial body and their services are free for our clients to use).  Any complaints depending on their nature, severity, merit, could be resolved by making a full unreserved apology, a good will gesture, or giving merited compensation. All complaints against us will be progressed through each stage of which you will be kept informed of either by phone, in writing by email or post or in person.

If you are not happy with the resolution offered, we can issue a deadlock letter so the Energy Ombudsman can investigate your case.  You can also refer the complaint to the Ombudsman yourself if your complaint is over 56 days old and you have not yet received a resolution from us. please see below the contact details for the Ombudsman services:

Post: Ombudsman Services: Energy, P.O. Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF

Phone: 0330 440 1624


We welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve our service and will consider all suggestions carefully.

Please bear in mind our Privacy Policy.

Other information

Also, please note that this service to you is free of charge. We do not actually collect any payments through our web site, nor do we enter into any direct contracts for the supply of electricity, gas, or water. These items are handled directly with your new supplier who will provide you with details of direct contacts. If you have any difficulty getting responses from your suppliers, then we will try to assist as far as we possibly can.

Delivery of new services will be advised directly by your new supplier. Your new supplier will provide full details as well as their own Terms and Conditions which you should read carefully.

If you would like us to make a start so that you can begin reducing your energy tariff straight away, complete our simple contact form and download a “letter of authority” paste it onto your own letter headed paper; sign it and scan it or post it back to us. We will then contact you and help your business to profit.