Concise Energy


OFGEM Code Of Practice Compliance:

Concise Energy has signed up to the Ofgem Voluntary Code of Practice and adheres rigidly to best practices therein.
Once we commence working on your behalf Concise Energy Brokers Ltd.’s fees can be either recovered by a transparent brokerage commission payable directly from the successful supplier or on the basis of a direct fee charged to the client. If no preference is requested we will default to a commission structure.

If the client chooses the brokerage commission option, Concise Energy is happy for the client to confirm the details of the total payment received from the supplier in connection with the contract and all work carried out on behalf of the client by Concise Energy if requested. We would also recommend that any company using a broker should verify whether a similar arrangement exists with their own broker to ensure clarity and parity on total costs paid.

In some instances, an energy broker may ask the client for a fee, this isn’t the usual case with Concise Energy. Concise Energy Brokers Ltd will not  engage or assist Solicitors prospecting for clients on the presumption that they can retrieve monies procured for broker/consultant services charged to them either via a commission or direct payment, especially as the client was more than happy to enter into the energy contract for which absolutely no pressure had been applied either by ourselves or the supplier.

Energy suppliers will normally pay a commission to an energy broker for acquiring or retaining a customer for them, but we will never ask you for money for arranging your contract or engaging in all usual energy brokerage general services unless that is your preferred payment option, this fee will be disclosed before the commencement of the contract; if triggered by the client.

The services offered by us include determining best-fit supplier and contract type – contract efficient services such as contract negotiations and paperwork for both changing supplier or renewing of current contracts – usual bill checking services – assisting with the resolution of any mid contractual issues between the client and supplier. All information/data held by us for any client or supplier we have disengaged with from 12 months, will be deleted/shredded. In these circumstances, should the past client/supplier wish to re-engage, there would be a requirement for us  to request the clients/suppliers information again.    

Whilst they do not charge a fee to the client for our services, Concise Energy reserve the right to invoice the supplier for the contract and any additional services submitted on behalf of the client.