Energy Consultancy Services

We Manage Your Energy

Here at Concise Energy, we offer a variety of valuable consultancy services that we believe will benefit your business both in the long and short term helping you to make those decisions that may not have crossed your mind.
If green energy consulting interests you we can advise you on your next steps. Some of the services offered include – Load Requirement Analysing – Network Capacity Checks – Energy Prospecting – Carrying out Energy Surveys for prospective new and existing business sites to ensure that the energy you require for your business is actually available and if it isn’t we will request a quotation on your behalf thus preventing any unexpected reinforcement charges by the Distribution Network Operators.

We fully project manage all aspects of new service installations, upgrades, downgrades, and metering; this is a very complex service and certainly not something you should attempt yourselves. Let us take away the hassle of dealing with many other departments within the energy industry and get the job done for you.

Business Power Consultants

We are aware of businesses that have purchased or leased new business premises without qualifying their energy availability which has led to substantial costs to achieve their energy requirements.

We will deal with historic as well as current “bad billing” this usually emanates from incumbent suppliers once you have left them but is easily manageable for us.

Other examples of bad billing are where you have a large portfolio of sites and you receive spurious bills from suppliers for meters that you do not own and have never owned, we also take care of these queries for you.

Saving Your Business Money

Need to change business premises or business name mid-contract term, no problem we can arrange this on your behalf including change of tenancy.

If you have anomalies on your billing simply let us know and we will look into them for you and advise the correct action to take or take it for you.

We can do as much or as little as you want us to do to allow your business energy to flow unhindered.

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