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While it is understandable that offices need the energy to perform daily tasks, run devices, or heat up the area, analysis shows that a lot of energy is wasted through different means. So what that means is, a little carelessness from your side can result in an increase in your monthly bills.

Fortunately, some effective business energy-saving ideas can help you reduce power consumption without affecting your work quality.

How Your Business Can Save Money on Energy Use – 8 Proven Tips

Want to save money on your electricity bill in 2021? Here are the 8 foolproof expert tips to help you achieve this goal in 2021.

Allow Your Employees to Work Remotely

Due to the current pandemic, most businesses have closed their offices and advised employees to work from home. You can use this opportunity to get the maximum benefits. Let your workers work remotely even after the pandemic is over and save electricity at the office.

You may be concerned that your staff might not pay full attention to their work. But studies show that most people perform more productively when they work remotely. You can also choose specific days for your employees to show up at the office. This way, you will see your workers’ better performance and save on electricity and energy bills. So, why not kill two birds with one stone while you can?


Let Nature Help

Nature can be of great help if you let it work for you. Instead of going for artificial lighting, cooling, and heating, look for the natural means if you can.

If your office is situated at a place that gets lots of sunlight during the day, then instead of using tube lights and bulbs to light up the rooms, use sunlight to keep the place bright and energetic. In the summer, you can encourage your employees to open windows and doors during the early hours of the day or in the evening to let the cool breeze roam and bring in more freshness.

By using what nature has to offer, you can save hundreds of pounds on your electricity bill annually.

Get a Business Energy Audit

A business energy audit is the most efficient business energy solution you can use to discover all the hidden ways that could save you money on your energy bills. During the audit your building will be inspected thoroughly and you will be told where, when, and how your energy is consumed. You will also be offered personalised suggestions on how your business can save money on energy use.

Most of the energy providers offer this service free of charge. So reach out to the professionals to find the best ways possible to reduce your electricity bill. Get a business energy audit done even if you have to pay a fee. Today’s investment will help you save lots of money in the coming months.

Beware of Vampire Appliances

Vampire appliances are so-called because they have the tendency to suck electricity even when they are not in use. These devices can make up 20% of your electricity bill if you do not keep an eye on them. Mobile phones, standby coffee makers, laptops, or mobile chargers are the common vampire appliances used in an office.

Another great business energy savings idea is to unplug such devices when you are not using them. Otherwise, they will keep on wasting electricity when they don’t need it. You can touch the chargers to determine if they are consuming power or not. A warm charger will indicate that it is using electricity.

Replace Regular Appliances with Energy Efficient Devices

Energy-efficient devices use less energy as compared to regular devices but offer the same services. It is one of the great business energy solutions to replace your regular appliances at the office with energy-efficient ones. Common examples are bulbs, fridges, ovens, etc.

These appliances will consume 10 to 15 percent less electricity and thus help you to reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Turn off Devices and Lights When Not in use

This is something that is common sense, but some people need a constant reminder to turn things off when they are not in use. If you have such employees at the office, then do not hesitate to let them know how keeping devices on when they are not in use can affect your monthly electricity bills.

For example, workers often leave the lights of the bathroom or break room on unintentionally; you can advise them to be aware of the power that devices at your workplace consume.

Manage Peak Demand Times Skillfully

Managing peak demand time effectively is another business energy savings idea. Peak demand hours are the hours during which people consume the most power in a day. The electricity consumed during these hours costs more than that consumed during other hours.

9 am to 5 pm is the peak demand time in most areas so manage your office work very skillfully during this time. Try to use heavy devices before or after these hours. You can also change your office timings if you and your workers find it feasible.

Save Energy with Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great investment to make if you do not want to worry about changing the thermostat settings manually every time you leave or enter the office. Its pre-programmed settings will change the temperature automatically. Maintain a temperature that is more comfortable for your employees. Cover the thermostat with a plastic wrapping if you are concerned that your employees might keep on changing its setting.

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