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If you consider your business as the life source of your financial future, anything that prolongs its performance should be your first priority. This is why Electric Smart Meter Installation or Gas Smart Meter Installation for your Business shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re in a conundrum over whether to switch from conventional gas and electricity meters to a smart meter, here’s a bit of know-how that’ll nudge you in the correct direction.


 Smart meters are significantly garnering the spotlight because unlike conventional meters, they measure your gas and electricity consumption and automatically update your supplier via wireless networks.

Smart electricity meters usually track your electricity usage, refresh and display it every 10 seconds whereas smart gas meters record your business’ gas consumption, refresh and display it every 30 minutes.

Smart meters firstly measure your energy usage and show it on your display. These meter recordings are then sent to your supplier automatically. Finally, the energy company displays how you’re spending your energy on your online account and app. Apps are offered by some energy firms with extra functions where you can see tips to dwindle energy wastage.

These real-time updates on your current energy consumption lead you to have the sole capability to save more energy by taking immediate action.


Electric Smart Meter Installation and Gas Smart Meter Installation in your business can be done completely free of charge because these set-up costs are already covered by the current tariffs.

They can allow you to have more accurate bills. Because the suppliers get precise readings, you won’t be charged more or less. This means steady bills without surprise charges.

Because energy usage is apparent, you can identify when and where the energy is being wasted and mitigate it.

You can skip the hassle of reading the business electricity and gas meters and manually submitting them to your supplier because smart meters do all this automatically.


Checking the end date of your current business energy contract is mandatory. If you’re opting for a new smart meter, you may need to pay a penalty. However, you can avoid this by making the switch in the switching window that is often a time period between 30 days to 4 months.

It’s good if you have your MPAN (meter point administration number for electricity meters) and an MPRN (meter point reference number for gas meters). These can be found on your bill or the meter.

Then you can ask your new supplier to do an Electric Smart Meter Installation and a Gas Smart Meter Installation in your business.

Then, the supplier will send an engineer to your business premises and install individual smart meters for electricity and gas. This will only take 1 to 3 hours.


Electric Smart Meter Installation is one of the wisest investments you can make for your business. So, If you detect that it’s high time you converted your business into a sustainable place, you might want to scrutinize and look for a top-notch energy broker to replace your traditional electricity and gas meters with a smart meter.


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