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Energy Brokerage Services

We offer complete Energy Brokerage Services freeing up your valuable time
allowing you to concentrate on your main business activities.

The smart way to broker you electric And

Our energy services team has the experience and knowhow to help you achieve attainable targets and will help you discover how to use less energy; this can be in conjunction with steps you are already looking at to make savings.
Energy Procurement is such an important factor for every aspect of business use whether you are a large or small operation.
There is an obvious financial benefit to be had for your business by procuring the correct energy contract and term and unless your business is fully aware of its forecasted usage and actual consumption you will be absorbing unnecessary costs reducing your bottom-line profit.
Concise Energy obtains Energy Procurement with several ways to help reduce your business energy utility bill and consumption by acting smart.

Business Energy Solutions


Here at Concise Energy, we realise that a ‘one solution fits all’ approach is not helpful for your business and in fact quite the opposite.

We look at your specific energy and business requirements so that we can offer the right energy product for you to make either a short, medium or long term commitment secure in the knowledge that you have budgeted for your energy moving forwards. Due to our energy market knowledge and buying power, we are able to offer bespoke energy contracts that many other energy consultants cannot.

To Summarise

All we require for you to start saving your business time and money is a Letter of Authority and ideally, you would send us the last few Gas – Electric or Water bills so that we can check your contract end dates well before your existing business places you on out of contract rates. A good time to start thinking about your new energy contracts is around 6 months from your contract end date, this gives us ample time to advise you what should be done as your next steps.